Monday, April 19, 2010


My birth certificate is locked up in the state of Illinois.

I wasn't even adopted there... I was born in Chicago, but adopted in Ontario. Illinois still won't give me my own record of birth. Now there's a bill to unseal BCs, but it has a discrimination clause - parents can file a disclosure veto, which removes their names from the record of birth. What's a legal record if all the legal information isn't there? It's a bogus document.

If non-adopted people in Illinois can receive their birth certificates with the names of their parents listed, so can the adopted. There is no difference between an adopted person and a non-adopted person. Adopted people are being severely discriminated against in the state of Illinois.

Visit, call, and write your senators now to have IL HB 5428 bill amended to include birth certificate access for ALL PEOPLE! For legislative contact info, go here:

Adopted people: Don't allow your government to discriminate against you! There is no reason why you should be treated differently than everyone else in the state of Illinois.

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