Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking over some of the posts from last year on Grannie's blog, I re-read her diatribe on free speech.

Grannie Annie writes a bunch of insidious and inaccurate posts about an adoptee rights protest held at the National Convention of State Legislatures. Proponents of the protest respond to it.

Suddenly, in response to being challenged, Grannie Annie says it's her democratic right to say whatever she wants. No one said that it wasn't. Someone, please correct me if I'm off base here, but free speech was not granted solely to Grannie Annie, was it?

I can't imagine what a debate with this woman would be like. Would she start screaming, “Damn you! – I have the right to free speech!”

Marley says on Grannie Annie's blog (responding to my blog posts here) and some anonymous comments there:

"As for "anonymous," there may be more than one, but go here to read what at least one of them is saying: Putting together various posts on that blog, and comments on BGA and Bastardette,"

Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but those Anon comments are not from me.

Though the surreptitious insinuation that I was one of the Anonymous commenters is typical Marley-tribe.

Marley also says about me on Grannie's blog:

"On her radio show front page Edmonds links to Illinois Open. Isn't that interesting. Edmonds says she supported full access in Illinois, yet she attacks those very organizations which carried that banner."

Yes, I do have the Illinois Open link on my home page. Yes, I do support full access in Illinois. I also have Bastard Nation on the links page.

The adoptee rights vision of these two organizations: Becoming.

The conduct of a few of these organization's members: Un-becoming.


joy said...

Eeeeeuuuuuwww, looking over Grandma-Confused's blog. I wouldn't.

Don't worry about them, they are going to write nasty posts because to them, that is doing something. That is activism, calling other people names. It doesn't matter if they agree with them as the Protest does, or they don't agree with them.
As I remember Grandma-Confused doesn't even bother to check.

If you are not part of their tiny clique you are considered an outsider and don't have the right or knowledge to do anything.

Really though, while they are toxic, this gives them some pleasure, it keeps them active. On second hand maybe we should send them some crossword puzzles to do instead?

Nah, let them be. They think they are doing something, let's let them have that idea, I am sure it is comforting.

Ellen Fish said...

Oh, you have upset them. They don't like the truth.